Always seen wearing reflective glasses.


Appears to be a well dressed businessman in his forties who always wears reflective glasses.


Shades is a slightly creepy, mysterious man whose true agenda and overall affiliations are enigmatic. His one clear allegiance, however is the one to the NTSF: SFEB: HPVD::. He is an agent that serves as one of their field managers and trainers to new recruits. For several years he has worked as one of the managing staff at Castlewood Country Club, known there as “Mr. Shade” gaining a fine, upstanding reputation for his dedication to its members and his attention to detail. However he and his associates have actually traveled the world for a number of years to investigate all enemies, foreign and domestic, natural and supernatural, then tracking down those threats. He is the agent that recruited Professor Jacob Chase into the NTSF: SFEB: HPVD:: and was also one of his trainers.


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