Professor Jacob Chase

(Professor of Metaphysical, Magic, Occult Knowledge and all things esoteric)


Description: Jacob is an extremely large, athletically built and strikingly handsome man (like Indian Jones on steroids). Both a man of action and arcane academia, his is a valuable agent both in the field and in the lab.


Background: As someone who had always been large and powerfully built, Jacob Chase was considered dim-witted by others just based on his appearance alone. However, he was intellectual gifted and graduated from his high school as valedictorian at fourteen, receiving full scholarships in both athletics and academics studies. Equally impressive both in the classroom and on the field, Jacob soon became the big man on campus. However even though Jacob was an exceptional athlete, his true passion was for academia and he relished new challenges to his intellect. Eventually he was drawn into studying the arcane philosophies including the research of historical and comparative study of the ancient religions. After his thesis on paranormal phenomenon was published and destined to be a best seller, he was approached by a man in reflective glasses. The man simply known as: “Shades” was interested not only in his book, but in the research he performed to write it. As it turned out, Shades was trying to gauge how much Jacob actually knew, and whether or not he needed to be… “modified” to prevent any potential problems he might pose.

Upon discovering the quality of the research, and the true extent of Jacob’s intellectual acuity, he was recommended to join the Task Force. Distribution of his thesis was, of course, suspended due to how close to reality it actually was, but that paled in comparison to his new job.

Professor Jacob Chase

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